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Wetter Solutions installation process consists of different types of Cameras ranging from normal Dome to IR (Infrared) Cameras, PTZ, IP Cameras, Boxed Camera, Speed Dome, Special PTZ Cameras (Pan / Zoom / Tilt), Day/Night Professional Cameras and system set up to end user to utilize the features like moving cameras to a particular direction, angle or elevation to closely watch an activity. We deal with all Major brands and our motto is to provide good and quality service according to the customer requirements. Our Professional Technician who will install the video surveillance system will do everything such as mounting the cameras, implementing cables from DVR to the cameras, Making all the voltage signals according to requirement, and will make sure that the cameras are aimed, focused and adjusted properly to the target location. There are hundreds of surveillance equipment available in the market from various vendors. We understand it may be confusing to choose and select the best CCTV security cameras and video surveillance system, for this reason we have a customized list of DVR System, Wiring and equipment to match each customer’s requirement.

Do you have any type of security system like CCTV cameras, Attendance system, or an security automation product ?

Nowadays, it is very important to have a reliable security system in place but only having a security system installed at your home or business is not enough, regular servicing of the security cameras ensures the camera durability, reliability and repairing in a timely manner. It is critical to service your security system from time to time to ensure that everything is working properly; otherwise, the security cameras may not be working as expected at a very critical time. Our service confirms that your system is in proper condition. If you have any issue with the system you can call us at any time and a service agent will assist over the phone or in-person within 3-12 hours, as needed.

Ultimate Advantages with Wetter Solutions


rofessional :  Our mission is not only to install the CCTV Cameras, it is to provide the security system that you actually need. Our teams of skilled and professional experts are trained to understand the customer’s requirements and provide the best solutions. Our guarantee to our clients is that we will provide the best value for their investment with all features requested that will exceed all expectations.


ransparent:  Today’s camera technology keeps you protected with special features like night vision, wide field of vision, movement detection, and all-weather durability for reliable performance at all times. Protect your business.


ffordable:   Our mission is to provide the best quality product at an affordable cost to customers according to their needs , that’s the reason we have kept all the prices transparent at the click of a button. Our available experts of camera installation will clarify all your doubts, and will also guide you to super affordable surveillance cameras for your need.


ustomized:  From the hundreds of surveillance equipment available in the market from a number of vendors, it can be confusing to select the best CCTV security cameras and video surveillance system, for this reason our team have developed a customized list of cameras,DVR System, Wiring and equipments for each customer can make the best decision out of all the products to fit their needs.


uality : Our goal is to provide best quality service and complete satisfaction to the customer throughout the entire process. We provide the best quality and affordable products according toeach client’s requirements, all things are kept transparent to the customer while choosing the Cameras and Installation Service.


uick: Our quick and quality service includes all the steps such as Camera installations, repairs, and AMC(annual maintenance contract) service of CCTV Cameras. Our expert technicians are available all the time to serve you..


esponsible: The Main and very first responsibility of a professional security Camera installer is to check the equipments and ensure that all the equipments and video storage are working properly. Our Team of CCTV camera Installers is fully responsible to deliver trusted CCTV services.


4/7 supprt : Our support team is available online and over-the-phone. Our CCTV installers will schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. We are just a phone call away.


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