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Lightbulb security cameras

A camera that provides high-quality video surveillance including 360-degree angle movement, is a lightbulb security camera. You can place this camera connecting with a bulb that may be mounted on the ceiling or wall.
There are many security cameras all over the world. Each camera has its own functionalities. Like others, lightbulb security cameras have their own characteristics that make them cool. They don’t need a wire connection which is comparatively flexible to use. Most of the time, they use IR lights for detecting the movement of any suspected objects and humans around them. There is a huge necessity for placing a lightbulb security camera as the crime rate has risen. In the last few decades, it was not that necessary to have a variety of CCTV installations. Though there were still some home security camera systems, it was not essential to have special cameras. After the effects of the pandemic situation during covid-19 hit the financial-economic system. As a result, lackings basic needs continuously pushes people into crime. So, people demand special security cameras day by day. In this case, the lightbulb security camera is the most demandable one nowadays.

Features of lightbulb security cameras

There lie huge reasons you will attempt to use a lightbulb security camera for ensuring the safety of your property. Lightbulb cameras have a lot of amazing features that enrich the security system more and more. Before choosing cameras as residential security cameras, look over the features lightbulb camera have. The features are given below:

  • Easy to install and set up: The main and special trait of a lightbulb camera is the installation and setup process. It has a unique and individual installation procedure that takes only a couple of minutes to install and set up. Some lightbulb camera arrives with unique light socket. For making the camera active, you just fit and tighten the internet-connected lightbulb camera into the light socket. Then make sure the power button remains on. The point to be noted here is that this installation process doesn’t require any drilling or wiring. So the process is totally straightforward and convenient. 
  • Wide range of view: Some upgraded lightbulb security cameras now have ultra HD resolutions that produce a super clear view. It can even capture the details of real-time moments, audio as well as video recording, or live footage. This camera has the ability to protect a vast area. 
  • Tracking and motion detecting: With the help of smart artificial intelligence detection, it is now possible to find out any object’s movement. By motion tracking system, it provides the opportunity to track the suspected element as well as record it. The negative aspect of the recording is that the camera can record for a few seconds only. After detecting the suspected movement, you will get an alert message directly from the software apps.
  • Distinct audio service: Lightbulb camera produces frequent audio. Some new versions of lightbulb security cameras have microphones and speakers with built-in anti-noise functionalities. With these decent features, it becomes capable of generating better-quality sound. It is also possible to continue smooth conversations with the help of this new device. Wireless internet-connected lightbulb camera equips some extra operations. For example, you install security cameras including lightbulbs. Then you can threaten your pet animals or any unwanted objects sitting away from the camera. 
  • Remote control monitoring service: The new model of lightbulb security camera comes up with remote control monitoring service. The home security camera has the option of saving all videos to a micro SD card or cloud storage. Through the app, all videos may be played directly. You may share live surveillance footage with your family and watch it on your smartphone. The smartphone supports iOS, Android, tablets, iPads as well as windows systems.
  • Night vision service: At night, you can see as clearly as during the day thanks to infrared and white light. You may choose between black and white and color night vision at will. 
  • Audio service with two-way: When you want, you can make video calling and voice chatting. It is also possible by using the two-audio voice function of some lightbulb security cameras.

Reason to choose a lightbulb security camera

Every homeowner’s top priority is keeping their house safe. You should probably employ a number of security cameras to do this. But what if you prefer a covert security camera that blends in with the decor of your house or place of business? You’ll require a light bulb camera in this situation! If you’re looking for a gadget that doesn’t require wiring and has a stylish design, a light bulb camera is a fantastic choice.
A surveillance tool known as a light bulb camera makes use of infrared light to track the movement of persons and things around it. These cameras can be installed in locations with a high need for security, such as retail establishments, workplaces, or the exterior of your home. They may record anything from license plate numbers to faces to movement patterns and are more covert than video cameras.
Additionally, compared to other security camera systems for home, these handy small cameras are less expensive. So you don’t have to spend a lot of money on them. To assist you in safeguarding your possessions, we’ve reviewed some of the most astounding lightbulb cameras of 2022. You can effortlessly protect your home when you aren’t there with the aid of this useful device.

Lightbulb security camera

Benefits of using lightbulb security camera

If you come here without skipping a single word then you already have some idea about lightbulb security cameras. You may know the special benefits of it. But here are some points you can look through. It may help you more to know about the benefits of having a lightbulb security camera.

  • Besides using lightbulb cameras as professional outdoor security cameras, you can also set them anywhere in your residence. It doesn’t even require any extensive space to be placed.
  • You may place lightbulb cameras anyplace inside your home in addition to employing them as security cameras for buildings. It is possible to place it without taking up an excessive amount of space.
  • These cameras are incredibly inexpensive, making it simple to use them on a tiny budget. People frequently use these cameras to keep an eye on their elderly parents who may be having mobility issues.
  • Lightbulb camera is one of the cheap home security cameras and easy to use portable option. They are therefore excellent for security workers who must monitor their property from a distance.
  • These cameras can track any object in such a way that the suspected element cannot even detect it.


You may come here after reading the above content word about lightbulb security camera features and installation. As it documents video in 1080 HD including 2.4 GHz WiFi service, it may be useful for you. For storing data it doesn’t require data/voice cabling. Data storage is possible via a micro SD card slot, cloud storage, or TF storage. There is also a reset button to set the function starting from zero level. For the continuous distinct service, the camera needs to have a constant power supply. Though this is a negative aspect of using this bulb, it has a variety of amazing new features. This camera is able to notify you when there are any unwanted footsteps in front of your home or property. That’s why you will be capable of taking earlier necessary steps against the suspected object.
To sum up, it is proven that this lightbulb security camera is one of the unbeaten cameras. Though technology is getting updated day by day, it may take decades to beat lightbulb security cameras. Because it has amazing features inside it whereas it doen’t even need a camera installer.